Super Lomax 424


I was winner of the award in October of 1998

Lomax intro (copied from the Lomax brochure)

The Lomax motor company was formed in the early 1980s as a result of the intense enthusiasm which surrounds the small unique CitroŽn vehicles.

Their appeal and suitability for conversion into specialized custom form, inspired the Lomax concept.
Professional engineers and leading authorities in the field of reinforced plastic structures were brought together and with their resources and design potentials combined, Lomax was born.
Component kits were produced, tested and proven before the first Lomax was given its head in the market.

From that moment, a steady stream of exciting three and four wheeled versions have been produced and sold in the UK and overseas.

424 versus 223
a 424-model versus a 223

Erwin's, Michel's and Jeroen's intro

From the moment I, Erwin, first met Anton Verhoeve - the Belgium Lomax expert - in 1995, I started making plans to construct my own Lomax. Going for the extra-ordinary, I decided to build a Model 424.
Started out first on my own, I got help from my Internet-pal Jeroen and my brother Michel, to keep this project rolling.

This 424 model differs from the other vehicles in the Lomax range, due to the increased dimensions of the Power unit (flat four), possible to mount on the Ami Super-chassis instead of the regular 2cv flat twin.
To the rear of the front bulkhead the differences are hardly apparent. Forward of the bulkhead we originally choosed the center hinged bonnet, separate nose cone and flared wings. By now, that hood is sold of and a custom-fit one is being made. And the flared wings are evolving into cycled wings.

As the first plan was to start with the original 1015cc, we now fitted an Axel 1300cc.  An Axel because there are no hydraulics involved and the cars have been built a bit longer then the GS/GSA. The option left open is an Axel 1130cc, because of the higher revving posibilities.

As the car is being build, a photo report is kept on the 424 Story page.

Stock for building a Lomax 424
  • First of all, a lot of patience ...
  • Second, some extra cash to spend ...


    part(s) euro's   
  • 1 LOMAX-kit 424; 
    body, wings, windscreen, cover, seats etc.
  • Ami Super
  • 1 reconditioned, rolling chassis
  • Axel 12 TRS
  • 1  1300cc-engine, low mileage
  • GS / Ami Super
  • 1  4-gearbox,
    fitted to a short Ami Super cludge/bellhouse
  • Ami Super
  • 2 Ami Super driveshafts (reconditioned)
  • 2 CV
  • GS Pallas
  • 4 2cv wheelrims + Michelin-tyres (classic range)
  • 4 chrome hubcaps 15"
  • Axel
  • 2 ventilated brakedisks
  • 2 calipers (reconditioned for green LHM)
  • 2CV
  • Citroen truck
  • C15
  • GS 1971
  • 2 chrome headlights
  • 2 rear trucklights
  • handles and ignition switch
  • dashboard
  • AX
  • 1 sporty steering wheel + adapter
  • Dyane
  • 1 dyane-grille, first model
    + front bumper, mudguard and attachments
  • K&N
  • High Flow cone-filter (RC-9150)
  • Pennzoil
  • 20W50 High Performance Oil
  • De Jonghe Autoparts
  • Iginition stuff, brakepads, cludge, etc. 
  • Cats premises
  • welding material, traction leftovers, ...
  • ...
  • ...
Most of these parts are hard to find. So prices are rather an estimation of the real value. Some of them were traded, rather then bought.
But the total bill easily climbs over 10.000,- euro. (Don't tell my wife ! ;-)
On top of that, you have to count all the hours of work, transport, storage etcetera. 

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