the neverending story of
building a Lomax 424
a Cit' powered kitcar



This is the story of a kitcar of which not too many were build yet. As far as we know there are two or three in the U.K., one in Belgium with C-matic-gearbox, and another two or three are driving around in Holland.
(Any information on these vehicles is always welcome!)

Instead of the wellknown Cit' 2cv-chassis for the Lomax-models 223, 224 and Lambda this 424-model uses an Ami Super as donorcar and consequently the flat four (GS/GSA/Axel) engine.
Originally the 1015cc but with the option to use the 1299cc GSA/Axel. Of all the flat-four engines (G10=1015cc, G12/G103=1222cc,  G11=1129cc, G13=1299cc) the preference goes out to a high revving  Axel 1130cc, if we find one in good condition. 
Otherwise it will be the available 1300cc. An Axel engine, because then you don't have to tamper with the GS/GSA hydraulics.

It started of as a wild idea in the summer of 1997, but with the skillfull help of the Cats family and the support of the Belgium expert Anton Verhoeven it is more like a dream come true.


Lomax 424 looking at the brochures

this is the model we want, chosen because of it's rarity and power to weight ratio

depannage the donorcar

a CitroŽn Ami Super 1015cc
a needle in a haystack if you start looking for one
(thanks to for transport)

chassis and body bodywork

carefully and skillfully seperating body and chassis

kit layout kit layout

a first impression on how it 'll look like...

nose job nose job

fitting the nose and the bonnet, which will finally be replaced by a selfbuild one, as this one looks too bulky

the O'bros the O'Bros

both dreaming away, autumn of 1998

chassis and engine renewed chassis and engine

a beautifull job, done by Jeroen Cats! (thanks again)

dash GS-dash and windscreen

notice also the reinforcing iron frame inside

it lives, it lives!!!

first test-drive at the Cats-premises, spring 1999

front end

as the original Lomax-nose is too bulky, a traction-hood has been combined with a Dyane-grille

lom_29.jpg (49462 bytes) it sure starts to look like a car!
(november 2000)
status July 2002
As a drivers-car, we go for performance, not looks!
summer 2003
A lot of fine-tuning done. +700 kms are driven. Once a  top-speed on the highway of 147 kms/h has been reached. Car handles well. Engine is now being reconditioned to stop the oil-leaking.
spring 2007
Put in storage, waiting for better days...

bodywork a bit more finished
maybe back on the road, 1 of these days ...

Meanwhile I enjoyed driving my BFG - motorbike