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Black & Chrome 2cv


frontview of 2cv Black & Chrome

Somewhere in the nineties, I found myself an originally black 2CV. Slowly on I transformed the standard car into a black & chrome machine that makes heads turn when this Cabrio-Limousine-Classic-Car passes by.

Built in 1986, this car has a classic look.

I'll describe from front to back the parts I added or changed, the origine of the parts and a price estimation in Euro's (without indexation, anno 2000).

As a sales rep for a cardismantling company in Antwerp/Belgium I was able to spot a lot of parts on carlots during the week, and picked them up at weekends or holidays. Of course all of these items aren't really chrome. But if you shine and polish them thoroughly, even the aluminium or whatever it is, looks brilliant!

This unique car is not mine anymore, but I'm sure you'll be able to see it on different meetings throughout Europe, as the new owner is also a 2cv enthusiast.

New owner with his 2 black beauties

Let me give you an overview of the special parts I added : 

paperclip overriders AZAM-model / 60-ties 50,- Euro
black/plastic bumper strip
(instead of the tape)
Older 2CV models 20,- Euro
chrome rings around blinkers HY-van 5,- Euro/ring
chrome headlights
with H4 bulb and glass with E-homologation!
last model of Charleston 50,- Euro/piece
chrome wiperarms and bolts older 2CV models 10,- Euro
15" wheelcovers GS/GSA Pallas 75 Euro,- / set
robri-replica-covers for fenders ? 125,- Euro/set
black interior / door panels 2CV Club & Special interior
bigger single seats
with Targa-covering
GS Special
+ simili leather headrests GS / CX
carradio + speakers (ultra-flat)
(speakers fit in the doorpanel!)
CX (Philips) radio
black doorhinge-coverings(inside) Charleston
chrome strip underneath doors Charleston 5,- Euro/piece
chrome strip around doors Charleston 5,- Euro/meter
chrome fuel-cap
(with "Citroen" over the lock)
Dyane ?
(older models)
10,- Euro
Chrome bumpers (back & front) Dyane 60,- Euro
1 EURO = 40 BEF = 2,1 DFL = 2 DM = 1 USD

Of course these prices are just estimates.
If you're lucky you pay less, or you can exchange for other parts.
If you're really desperate to have a specific part, you pay more!
(It shows on your face-expression - so they told me!)

To finish a full front & rear view of this unique car :

2cv side view 2cv rear view

The money I got by selling this car, was invested in the CitroŽn-powered Super Lomax 424!


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