Traction - WW2 - story


Somewhere at the beginning of World War II, May 1940 or so, 
my grandfather Pieter Corneel Obourdin, politically involved, had to get away, 
before the Germans invaded Antwerp/Belgium.
He bought a car (a CitroŽn Traction 11B, "gris irisťe"), registered it and hired a driver. 
They fled to Lourdes with the whole family. On their way, someone took these pictures.
A silent reminder of the exodus in 1940.

CITROEN Traction Avant 11B, Belgian registration 434.208

I know it's a long shot, but if someone recognises the area, 
I would be very pleased to learn about the exact location in France.

Grandmother with Leo, Guido & Hugo Obourdin


probably my grandfather and the driver

This is the actual size of the photographs, but thanks to modern technology, you can blow them up, simply by clicking on them.
If a bigger resolution wanted, just mail .

Later on, they came back to Belgium. 
My grandfather was caught, deported and died, probably in Nordhausen/Germany in 1945. 
My father, his 2 brothers and their mother survived the war.
Somewhere on the way, my great-grandmother was left behind in a hospital and died later on, at the age of 56.

R.I.P. Clementina Lauwers

The car was never heard of again (probably left and/or confiscated in Lourdes) and all I have is the registration in name of my grandfather.
registration number 434.208

Belgian Car Registration 1940

Belgian CAR registration 1940

Belgian Car Registration 1940

These days in Belgium, we still talk about "a booklet", when referring to the registration documents of a car.
Nowadays it is just a piece of paper, but these copies show you the origine of the name. 
License plates in Belgium are still linked to a person, and not a car. 
Hence no type of car mentioned on these documents.

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