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Station De Groote - Moeskroen

Station De Groote / Moeskroen
status 1998 status 2003

Checking out an address where I once spotted some interesting cars beneath piles of car-parts, junk and vegetation, I found out that the owner had died. And that his heirs were selling the property. Cleaned up, the place looked 3 times as big as at the time I first visited him. At that time it was live-endangering to walk around in between the wrecks. Everywhere you could see, there were cars.  I sneaked inside and took these pictures.

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peugeot 202

This Peugeot 202 was the closest to a Cit' that I could find. I know there was once an Ami stashed away, but I fear ...

beetle beetle

This beetle has the blinkers that pop out on the side. As I remember we had one when I was little (sixties). And at that time, it was already an old car!


And this curiosum also attracted my attention. It is a Renault 4CV "decouvrable".

To finish, a photo of the shop. Underneath the wheelcovers, is a car. Probably a Renault 16, but behind who knows for sure?

dg_wiel.jpg (67097 bytes)

When I passed by, summer 2003, I talked to the new owner. Everything has been cleaned up. Lots of cars have been sold to Dutch collectors. Some parts went to a nearby scrapyard and all the rest was trashed...
Underneath the pile of junk in the shop, they discovered a brandnew Peugeot 203 !


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