Picture Story
of 2 Red Ducks in Paris

May 1998. The French 2cv-clubs organised a big meet near Paris to celebrate 50-years "Deux-Chevaux".  With a big parade on the Champs Elysees as one of the highlights of the event.
Belgian Duck in Paris
To stand out of the foreigner-crowd, this eyecatcher was mounted on top of my 2cv.
Teaming up with the 'einetters' in Waregem
Because we thought it was safer to travel in numbers, we teamed up with the "einetters" from Holland. Unfortunately at the first tankstop, we lost track of them.

At a certain moment we followed another (blue) Belgian 2cv at high speed (+120 km/h ;). Tom was right behind us in his DS. Quite a sight, 3 2cv's chasing eachother on the highway and a DS anxiously trying to pass. Great fun!

American Noush in a Belgian Duck
Noush from America was the proud driver of the second 2cv. This car has by now already left the old continent, and sold on to a young American 2cv-driver.
Drinking and driving do mix!
And what do you do if you get thirsty in the biggest 2cv-trafficjam ever? Drink a Joe Pailer!
Biggest 2cv-traffic jam ever in Paris
And after 3 hours standing in line, some engines got overheating problems ...
Too hot to handle!
Only solution for "vapor lock": Park the car in the "no-parking zone" and go for a walk on the Champs Elysees.
Belgian Duck with 'vapor lock'
The guy with two dead engines in his Sahara, came to help us with 1 dead engine.
Tired but satisfied in the shade of the Tour Eiffel
All's well that ends well!

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