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Slotcar-racing, with Chevrons...


With 2 sons, daddy dreams of rebuilding the house into a race-circuit...
Gilles, age 7 daddy, age 40
It all started with 1 TYCO-box (Monte Carlo), bought on a local jumble in september 2002. The collection grew rapidly with the help of www.ebay.com and a creditcard. 


Some were sold, 
Formula1_tyco.jpg (78822 bytes)

some were bought...
 Tcollection3.jpg (176631 bytes)

and some added to the CitroŽn-miniatures-collection.
Tcollection.jpg (198495 bytes)

Apart from a lot of cars we now have corkscrew curves, looping, lap-counters, x-meters of straight and curved track, different powerpacks, etc.


These Formula TYCO slotcars reach sensational scale speeds up to 1900km/h!
Aurora, Faller, T-Jet and Life-like are other brandnames, who all share the same HO-gauge, on a 1/64 scale (= Matchbox-size).
 More info in Dutch at Fred Internets HO-slotsite

Talking about chevrons, there isn't much around unfortunately.

ZX rally

It is in the Life-Like-series that I found the CitroŽn ZX-rally-model of which we now have 2 red ones, 1 silver and 2 yellow ones (some rear spoilers are missing). Funny thing about 1 of the yellow ones is that it is a pirate-model of some Chinese manufacturer. Chevrons are mounted upside down on the hood..
click here for the real thing! Life-Like ZX

Somewhere 1968/70 Faller AutoMotorSport manufactured the DS19-model. So far I've seen yellow, blue, red and greenish versions on E-bay, but a bit overpriced considering the 6,25 euros they costed at the time.

Every now and then, you can score a bargain: .

Some of the above DS 19's in our collection are from a self-to-build-package, based on T-jet-chassis, from Umpfi's Slotbox.
Sold OUT !!!
Umpfi's slotbox


If you have any info on H0-scale CitroŽn-slotcars, please e-mail  BlacK@TacK.


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