My Parisienneke


Somewhere in the late eighties, a friend of mine showed me her latest acquisition. A red 2cv. At that time I was living and working in the center of  Antwerp town, so I didn't really need a car. Nevertheless I told her that whenever she wanted to get rid of it, to give me a call.
Which she did in october 1993.

As the car was a looker in the eighties, now it was almost a pile of junk. It thaught me never to buy a car on the phone again. Anyway, after a new set of shocks, another engine and gearbox, a stereo, a lot of cleaning and polishing and some other parts, it started to look reasonable again. A real "Parisienneke".

I became a member of the Huppel-2cv-club and went to my first meeting. In Brussels at the "Cinquantenaire". Next to my proud and joy (2nd in the row), you see my other meaning in life; my girlfriend who became my wife and mother of our sons Gilles & Robin. It was the year of the ICCCR in Clermont Ferrand.

But then fate struck!


At a crossroad, the little duck was hit at the rear-left wheel, stumbled accross it's own front wheels and slided for some 25 meters on it's right side. My brother who had the car on loan, just unbuckled, crawled out and looked at the damage. Altough it managed to get home on it's own power, I had to put it asleep.
Luckily the insurance paid me a bundle, and I bought myself a black 2cv. Which is another story altogether.


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