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BX C-matic


1991 - BX 16TRS automatic

1991 - BX 16TRS automatic - 75.000kms...

Beginning 2002, I spotted this car at a dismantling company in Brussels. After 6 Visa's (or more) I was in for a new experience and I enquiered about the whereabouts of this vehicle; Abondoned by the previous owner because of an oil-leak and loss of power. To take away for peanuts, otherwise it would be scrapped.
chez Nauwelaers ...
 So this BX became mine!

The oil-spill was an overload of oil in the automatic gearbox and the loss of power was solved by bolting the carburettor onto the engine. I passed Technical Control and now I'm catching up with neglected maintenance. (filters, oil, belts, brakes, tyres (155/14!), exhaust, ...)

C-matic Ever since that drive with a GSA C-matic a few years ago, I was convinced about the advantages of automatic gearshifting. No more worries in traffic jams, just 2 possibilities, driving or braking.
As a tribute to the GSA, the C-matic-logo signals this is an Automatic BX.
Automaat !

 The steering wheel comes from an "Image"-model and within time, lots of other gimmicks will be added to make this BX a comfortable (and affordable) family car for years to come.

155/14 - the only right size for this car ! Image  reflector

After driving this car for over 4 years, it was time for a change. The counter was now pushed over 150.000.

Soon to come on-line: The Xantia 1800cc / 16V - 1999.


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